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Key member resigns from Myanmar advisory panel on Rakhine

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Communal Harmony

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Taxation (Annual Rates, Employee Allowances, and Remedial Matters) Act Rewrite Advisory Panel remedials Rewrite Advisory Panel remedials. The following amendments reflect the recommendations of the Rewrite Advisory Panel following its consideration of submissions on the rewritten Income Tax Acts.

Funds collected outside Pune mosques help rebuild 74 Dalit homes in Pune In a heart-warming story of Dalit-Muslim unity from Maharashtra, an NGO managed to rebuild homes of 74 Dalit families who lost their homes to a fire with the help of generous contributions from the. The Rewrite Advisory Panel was established in to consider and advise on issues arising during the rewriting of the Income Tax Act The Rewrite Advisory Panel was disestablished by the Minister of Revenue in late See the Minister's announcement on 2 December for more information.

Title: Founder and CEO. Organization: 50 Eggs. Presentation Title: I AM JANE DOE and Section Presentation Description: I AM JANE DOE, which premiered in February ofhas been an incredible catalyst for change, including legislation which was filed in the Senate and House of Representatives in response to the film, to amend Section of the Communications Decency Act.

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