Osmosis in sugar solution

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Osmosis Science Experiment

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Investigating Osmosis using Potato Strips

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Heres use a similar background when injecting a drug slowly into a patient. (a) The sugar solution rises in the pipette because of accumulation of water molecules which pass through the semipermeable membrane due to endosmosis.

(b) The accumulation of water dilutes the osmotic cone, of sugar solution. The level of sugar solution in the potato cavity rises after some time due to the entry of water into the sugar solution through the selectively permeable membrane of the cells of the potato.

Conclusion. Osmosis Lab Problem To what extent does the concentration of a sugar solution affect the mass of potato strips? RESEARCH: Osmosis is the movement of water (solvent, never solutes) across a semipermeable membrane (like a cell membrane or skin) from an area containing a low concentration of solute to an area containing a high concentration of solute until the the concentration of solute in both.

Dec 03,  · Best Answer: This is an experiment to demonstrate osmosis. The sugar solution is more concentrated (has a lower water potential, or water concentration) than the potato cells.

Therefore water should be drawn out of the potato cells by osmosis (the potato cell membranes are semi-permeable, or partially permeable).Status: Resolved. Many factors affect the rate of osmosis including size ofparticle and temperature however the factor investigated today isconcentration of hopebayboatdays.com the concentration of sucrose increases the difference in mass ofpotato will increase since sucrose is a hypertonic solution whichmeans that it has a higher amount of particles dissolved in.

Sugar solution has a low water potential (not many water molecules).The water potential in the solution would be lower than that in the potato cell so the net movement of water will move out of the potato through its membrane into the sugar solution and so the potato’s mass will decrease.

Osmosis in sugar solution
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