Living in cities or in countryside

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City Or Countryside Life

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Countryside, VA Livability

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We each have something strange and wonderful to contribute. The lifestyle in a city and in a countryside are very different because there are infrastructures in cities but there are not in countryside, like transports, high buildings that make the landscape very different.

In the countryside, it's an agricultural lifestyle, where you'll find the pea. Women living in the countryside live longer and better, these are the surprising results of a study of T.H.

Chan School of Public Health at Harvard that show that women who live surrounded by greenery have a lower mortality rate of 12% compared to those living in cities. Additionally, city centers are the places where all the business, educational, official and trade activity centers are located.

The commuting time is nothing as compared to those living in the suburbs. There are many advantages living in a city.

Living in a city is very convenient. There are many important things for life such as cloths, furniture and health care here.

Benefits of living in the countryside: The pure fresh air. In any city, doesn’t matter how small the city is, thousands of cars and the streets filled with towering buildings make the contamination to.

Happiest Places to Live: City Life versus Living in the Countryside Good things can be found everywhere, but there are some specific differences between the city. Oct 15,  · Many people love living in Seoul and the big city. The Countryside. Nowadays I’m living in the countryside of Ulsan. Although there are foreigners who find themselves in truly rural areas, most of what is considered ‘countryside’ in Korea is more like a mid-sized town in the U.S.

For example, my area (Buk Gu) has about ,

Living in cities or in countryside
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