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Gray Iron Castings

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Understanding Cast Irons - Gray Iron

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Quality ductile & gray iron castings from Ferroloy foundry in Kansas.

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Green Sand Castings

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Dura-Bar G2P is a highly pearlitic gray iron containing Type A graphite. It was developed to best suit surface-hardenability applications. G2P is made with a substantial amount of pearlite in the rim.

Three Rivers Gray Iron

Gray Iron. American Iron and Alloys has the best replacement for steel in the form of V-2 Class 40 Versa Bar continuous cast gray solidification, rod-like graphite flakes precipitate into the composition, outlining the difference between gray and ductile iron.

Gray iron is the most versatile of all foundry metals. The high carbon content is responsible for ease of melting and casting in the foundry and for ease of machining in subsequent manufacturing.

Gray Iron Applications: The following is the common application for each degree of grey cast iron for your reference. G For small loads, the friction and wear no special requirements for important castings, such as protective cover, cover, oil pan, hand wheels, frame, floor, hammer, small handle, etc.

Three Rivers Gray Iron. Metal Technologies Three Rivers Gray Iron (TRG) facility is a gray iron foundry specializing in small, medium to high volume iron castings. Motorola Moto E4 Plus 32GB Unlocked Smartphone, Iron Gray.

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