Amopan getting there

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Amopan Getting There Essay

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EthnoQuest: An Interactive Multimedia Simulation for Cultural Anthropology Fieldwork, Version 0

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EthnoQuest: Student Field Guide and Workbook

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Ethno quest: Getting There. 1.) I will be in Amopan for 1 year, the reason being is in order to accurately observe a full annual cycle of Amopan village life, which will allow me to make reasonable documentation of their ways of life and culture.

2.). CD-ROM based simulation—Allows students to mirror an ethnographer's experiences in the village of Amopan, Mexico. ~Students must complete the necessary grant proposals, decide what to pack, and travel to Amopan to start their research.

O Scribd é o maior site social de leitura e publicação do mundo. Amopan Getting There Ethno quest: Getting There 1.) I will be in Amopan for 1 year, the reason being is in order to accurately observe a full annual cycle of Amopan village life, which will allow me to make reasonable documentation of their ways of life and culture.

2.). Getting There. First Encounters. Who's Who in Amopan. Working in the Fields. Marketday. The Day of the Dead. A Day in the Life of the Midwife. The Local Elections. A Feud Escalates.

Telling Tales, Going Home. 7. Doing Ethnographic Fieldwork: Life in the Field. The Preliminaries. Gaining Entry into the Community. Establishing Your Role.

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Amopan getting there
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