A geography paper of new zealand

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New Zeland Essay

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New Zealand has no summer borders. The Obvious Council of New Munster had only one every session, inbefore it began to the virulent attacks of theses from Wellington.

New Zealand

Over 1, years ago waves of Eastern Polynesians arrived in New Zealand and its outer islands. A unique culture developed, and descendents of the original Maori people survive to this day. InDutch East India Company explorer, Abel Tasman, sighted the coastline of South Island.

New Zealand claims the fifth-largest exclusive economic zone in the world, covering over 4, square kilometres (1, sq mi) ( million sq mi), more than 15 times its land area. [4] The South Island is the largest land mass of New Zealand, and is the 12th-largest island in the world.

The cultural geography of New Zealand is not as diverse as its physical geography. Currently 3, people live in New Zealand, but percent of the population live in urbanized areas. The chief cities, each containing more than one hundred thousand people, are Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Manukau, and Wellington.

Wellington, New Zealand Time-lapse video of Wellington, New Zealand.

South Island

Stephen Patience; New Zealand was the largest country in Polynesia when it was annexed by Great Britain in Thereafter it was successively a crown colony, a self-governing colony (), and a dominion (). This position paper, written inhighlights the importance of the social sciences and the place of social studies as a social science in the New Zealand curriculum.

It focuses on the broader social sciences and includes classical studies, economics, geography, history, and social studies, along with other related subjects developed by. Geography and Climate of New Zealand New Zealand consists of a number of different islands with varying climates.

Most of the country has mild temperatures with high rainfall.

A geography paper of new zealand
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